Sunil Gavaskar supported MS Dhoni

Dhoni's inning was the slowest half-century of any Indian player in ODIs

India lost the 4th ODI match by 11 runs against West Indies. People blamed Dhoni’s slow batting for this defeat. But former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar does not believe this. Gavaskar said that people should stop blaming Dhoni. The team’s batting is responsible for this defeat.

West Indies had set a target of 190 runs against the Indian team at the loss of 9 wickets in the 4th ODI┬ábut the team Indian were all out with 178 runs in the 50th over. Dhoni scored 54 runs from 114 balls. He completed his 64th half century in 108 balls. This was the slowest half-century of any Indian player in ODIs. Earlier this record was Sunil Gavaskar’s name. He scored 51 runs in a one-day match against Sri Lanka In 1985.

Dhoni played a very slow inning but we can not blame Dhoni for this defeat against West Indies in the 4th ODI. It was team’s batting which is responsible for this defeat according to Sunil Gavaskar.

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