Kohli smashes 24 runs in an over of Lasith Malinga

Kohli vs Malinga

Virat Kohli does not require any introduction. He is the top class batsman in world cricket. He is creating many cricket records in cricket field day by day. He has a very good record against Sri Lanka. Virat Kohli smashed 24 runs in an over of Sri Lankan bowler Lasith Malinga in CB Series in 2012. Here is the full video of that over.



1st ball   :  Malinga goes full on middle and leg, Kohli flicks into the deep and hurries back for two runs and             completed his 9th ODI hundred.

2nd ball :  Malinga to Kohli, length ball on middle and leg, kohli flicks in the air for a huge six over deep mid-wicket.

3rd ball  :  Malinga goes offside, Pitched up outside off stump, Kohli smashes it between cover and mid-off for four. It was like a bullet from Kohli.

4th ball  :  Malinga bowls almost the perfect yorker, Kohli’s bat comes down on time and he flicks for four through fine leg.

5th ball  :  Malinga bowls another low full toss on Kohli’s toes and flicks it behind square leg for another boundary.

6th ball  :  Another low full toss on the Kohli’s toes with fine leg in the circle. Kohli flicks it behind square leg for another four.

Result :

1) 2,6,4,4,4,4 = 24 runs.

2) Malinga : 7.4-0-96-1

3) Kohli : 122* off 81 balls


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