Ravi Shastri appointment as team India coach again

Team India new coach

Ravi Shastri has been selected as team India head coach again. Virat will be the most relieved by Shastri becoming the coach again as the pressure to constantly make Rohit Sharma the captain of the ODI and T20 team will reduce now. Everyone knows that Shastri will never let this happen. Whenever such a thing comes to the fore, he will stand firmly with Virat. 

With this, Virat’s opposition within the team will also be reduced to some extent. Anil Kumble resigned as head coach after the Champions Trophy held in England in 2017 and Shastri was appointed as coach. Since then, both of them run the team. The decisions that these two make are applicable in the team. For the time being it will continue.

Virat would like to win at least one ICC trophy in his own way. After Shastri becomes coach again, he would like to move in this direction. They have two chances, one in the T-20 World Cup to be held in Australia in 2020 and in India the following year. If this pair manages to win one of these titles, it will be good not only for them but also for Indian cricket.

Ajay Kashyap
A writer and cricket lover

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