IPL10: AB De Villiers claims, while in RCB, I have helped Virat Kohli very much

Virat and AB De Villiers

AB de Villiers of South Africa is a batsman who has a strong stroke around the cricket field, but in recent times he has a different face. This form is the help of his friend and RCB’s captain Virat Kohli in IPL.

According to De Villiers, Virat Kohli has helped to maintain his passion for the game. With this, De Villiers claimed that he helped to learn the art of staying calm under the pressure of his captain of the IPL team.

Kohli and De Villiers play for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL and they are considered to be good friends even outside the field. De Villiers told ‘espncricinfo’, ‘I am a few years ahead of him. I think I’m like him.¬†We both play with great passion, energy and good skill, work hard on our game and do not accept defeat at all. He said, ‘I like watching his emotions. He is giving this feeling to me in this age.’

This South African star claimed that he has an influence in keeping Kohli in peace. De Villiers said, “He (Virat) who has learned from me, is probably controlling things to a lesser extent, staying calm under pressure and sometimes involving obscenity to some extent, to make clear and correct decisions. Said, ‘I think he is very close to achieving this and maybe this is something that he has seen in me.’

De Villiers is not able to play in the IPL 10 due to back problems but he said that he has no problem recovering from injury even at the age of 33. He said that whenever I got out due to injury, I have come back after being mentally and stronger.

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