Virat Kohli enjoys batting with Ms Dhoni and AB de Villiers

Kolhi with Dhoni and de Villiers

Indian captain Virat Kohli says that he enjoys batting with a partner who has good running and with whom the coordination is good. He named senior partner Mahendra Singh Dhoni and South Africa’s AB de Villiers among his favorite two partners.

Kohli is at home during lock-down to prevent the Covid-19 infection these days. He had an informal chat on Thursday with former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen. While Pietersen asked him for his favorite batting partner, Kohli took the names of Dhoni and de Villiers. He Said that there is no need to call for run at the time of batting with Dhoni and de Villiers.

Virat Kohli said during an Instagram live hosted by Pietersen, “I enjoy batting with those who can run fast with me. So it has to be MS when we play for India together and AB when we play in the IPL for RCB. We don’t even talk while we are batting.”

Ajay Kashyap
A writer and cricket lover

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