Small Changes in IPL 2017 Schedule Due to Municipal Elections

There are some minor changes in the schedule of matches of 10th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) due to Municipal Elections In Delhi.

Delhi Municipal Election will be held on 2nd April so that Delhi vs Mumbai match will be played in Mumbai at 8 PM (IST) on same date (i.e. 2nd April) now whereas the match between Rising Pune Supergiants (RPS) and Sunrisers Hyderabad will start at 4 PM (IST) in Pune.

Delhi vs Mumbai match which was scheduled to start at 8 PM (IST) on 6th May in Mumabai, now rescheduled to start at 8 PM (IST) in Delhi.

Following is the updated list of matches of IPL 10.

April 5, 8 PM: SRH vs RCB, Hyderabad

April 6, 8 PM: RPS vs MI, Pune

April 7, 8 PM: GL vs KKR, Rajkot

April 8, 4 PM: KXI Punjab vs RPS, Indore
8 PM: RCB v DD, Bengaluru

April 9, 4 PM: SRH vs GL, Hyderabad
8 PM: MI vs KKR, Mumbai

April 10, 8 PM: KXIP vs RCB, Indore

April 11, 8 PM: RPS vs DD, Pune

April 12, 8 PM: MI vs SRH, Mumbai

April 13, 8 PM: KKR vs KXIP, Kolkata

April 14, 4 PM: RCB vs MI, Bengaluru
8 PM: GL v RPS, Rajkot

April 15, 4 PM: KKR vs SRH, Kolkata
8 PM: DD v KXIP, Delhi

April 16, 4 PM: MI vs GL, , Mumbai
8 PM: RCB v RPS, Bengaluru

April 17, 4 PM: DD vs KKR, Delhi
8 PM: SRH v KXIP, Hyderabad

April 18, 8 PM: GL vs RCB,  Rajkot

April 19, 8 PM: SRH vs DD,  Hyderabad

April 20, 8 PM: KXIP vs MI, Indore

April 21, 8 PM: KKR vs GL, Kolkata

April 22, 4 PM: RPS vs SRH, Pune

8 PM: DD vs MI, Delhi 

April 23, 4 PM: GL vs KXIP, Rajkot
8 PM: KKR vs RCB, Kolkata

April 24, 8 PM: MI vs RPS, Mumbai

April 25, 8 PM: RCB vs SRH, Bengaluru

April 26, 8 PM: RPS vs KKR, Pune

April 27, 8 PM: RCB vs GL, Bengaluru

April 28, 4 PM: KKR vs DD, Kolkata
8 PM: KXIP v SRH, Mohali

April 29, 4 PM: RPS vs RCB, Pune
8 PM: GL vs MI, Rajkot

April 30, 4 PM: KXIP vs DD, Mohali
8 PM: SRH vs KKR, Hyderabad

May 1, 4 PM: MI vs RCB, Mumbai
8 PM: RPS vs GL, Pune

May 2, 8 PM: DD vs SRH, Delhi

May 3, 8 PM: KKR vs RPS, Kolkata

May 4, 8 PM: DD vs GL, Delhi

May 5, 8 PM: RCB vs KXIP, Bengaluru

May 6, 4 PM: SRH vs RPS, Hyderabad
8 PM: MI v DD, Delhi

May 7, 4 PM: RCB vs KKR, Bengaluru
8 PM: KXIP vs GL, Mohali

May 8, 8 PM: SRH vs MI, Hyderabad

May 9, 8 PM: KXIP vs KKR, Mohali

May 10, 8 PM: GL vs DD, Kanpur

May 11, 8 PM: MI vs KXIP, Mumbai

May 12, 8 PM: DD vs RPS, Delhi

May 13, 4 PM: GL vs SRH, Kanpur
8 PM: KKR v MI, Kolkata

May 14, 4 PM: RPS vs KXIP, Pune
8 PM: DD v RCB, Delhi

May 16, 8 PM: Qualifier 1

May 17, 8 PM: Eliminator

May 19, 8 PM: Qualifier 2

May 21, 8 PM: Final, Hyderabad

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