ICC imposes two-year ban on Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib Al Hasan match fixing

2 years Ban

Bangladesh has suffered a major setback before the India tour. Shakib Al Hasan, the world’s number one all-rounder and captain of the Bangladesh cricket team, has been banned by the ICC for two years.

Match-fixing incident

According to the Bangladeshi newspaper report, Shakib Al Hasan was approached by a bookie for match-fixing, but he did not inform the ICC. According to Bangladesh’s leading newspaper Samkal, Shakib was kept away from practice by the BCB on the instructions of the ICC. That is why he neither participated in practice nor attended the meeting on Monday after playing the test with a pink ball.

2 years old incident

According to the Bangladeshi newspaper Samakal, Shakib Al Hasan received a fixing offer two years ago. A bookie contacted Shakib Al Hasan before the match. According to protocol, Shakib Al Hasan has to contact the ICC as soon as he gets the fixing offer.

However, Shakib Al Hasan did not do so. According to the newspaper, it has been confirmed that Shakib Al Hasan has hidden this thing. The report said that Shakib had recently confessed to the incident before the investigating officer of ACSU.

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