ICC Champions Trophy-2017 : Virat has to be more careful in semifinal match against Bangladesh

India should not take dangerous team like Bangladesh lightly

The team India is in the semifinals of the Champions Trophy by defeating the world number one ODI team South Africa on Sunday evening. Team India has to face the most dangerous team (Bangladesh) in the semi-finals. Virat Kohli needs to be more careful.

On June 15, both the teams will face each other. The team wins will reach the finals. However, experts say that team India is much stronger than Bangladesh but Team India can not take Bangladesh team lightly. Most of the big teams took Bangladesh team as a weak team and bear the brunt of it. If Virat Kohli’s team is to make a place in the final, then they will not have to consider Bangladesh as weak team.

A total of 32 ODI matches have been played between India and Bangladesh so far. India has won 26 out of these matches, while 5 times Bangladesh has won against India. India’s victory in these matches is more than 80 per cent, but it is also true that on five occasions Bangladesh has defeated India. In this way, India should not take dangerous team like Bangladesh lightly.

Ajay Kashyap
A writer and cricket lover

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