5 Difference between baseball bat and cricket bat

Difference between baseball bat and cricket bat

Baseball and cricket are two sports that use somewhat similar equipment. Game-play in both sports involves bats and balls. In both sports, one player tosses the ball towards the player holding the bat, and the player with the bat strives to hit this incoming ball. Fielders in both sports are distributed around the field to intercept a ball after it’s been hit.

However, there are also notable differences between the two sports. Although both sports use bats, the type of bat differs significantly. Here are some notable differences between baseball and cricket bats.


A cricket bat is flat on one side and ridged on the other. This means that a batsman can use only one side of the bat to hit the incoming ball. A baseball bat, on the other hand, is thin and rounded. This means that although it is somewhat harder to hit with a baseball bat, all the sides of the bat can be used to hit the baseball.


Baseball bats, in general, are available in various lengths. The maximum length of a baseball bat is 42 inches. In contrast, the maximum length for a cricket bat is 38 inches. The longer baseball bat is convenient for use despite its length since a baseball bat is usually swung in the horizontal plane. In contrast, a cricket bat is swung in the horizontal as well as vertical plane.

Hitting Force

A baseball bat is generally able to hit ball farther and harder than a cricket bat. This may be on account of the fact that baseball bat barrels come with trampoline effect. This enables the bat to bounce off the ball upon impact and enable the player to hit it farther. A cricket bat, on the other hand, does not offer such trampoline effect.

Construction Material

All cricket bats are made from wood and traditionally willow wood is used in their construction. Baseball bats, on the other hand, come constructed from a wide range of materials. Although baseball bats were traditionally made from ash or maple wood, today baseball bats are also made from composite materials, aluminum and alloy.

Composite baseball bats are able to perform far better than wood baseball bats, offering a lot more trampoline effect and durability. When compared to cricket bats, composite bats are able to deliver a far superior performance and the performance gap between cricket bats and baseball bats widens.


A cricket bat is designed to be highly versatile. As mentioned above, a batsman in cricket is expected to swing the bat across a 360-degree area, and for this a versatile type of bat is required. In contrast, a baseball bat is far less versatile because a baseball hitter works in a narrower plane.

In general, a baseball hitter receives incoming balls in front of his front shoulder and needs to his these balls with as much force as possible without missing them. So instead of being versatile, the baseball bat is longer in comparison and carries a more explosive hitting prowess.

In Conclusion

Baseball and cricket bats are similar in many aspects but they also have notable differences. Most notably, a baseball bat is typically long, thin and round in shape whereas a cricket bat has a more flat shape. A baseball bat is also longer than a cricket bat. While cricket bats are constructed mostly from wood, baseball bats come constructed from a wide variety of materials.

In terms of performance, baseball bats turn out to be more durable and are able to hit the ball farther and harder compared to a cricket ball. One of the excellent types of baseball bats that is certified bbcor bat, with the best bbcor bats 2018 then it is possible to prove the opinion above.

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