Cricket Betting Odds – Get All The Necessary Information Before Placing Your Bets

Cricket has become one of the most popular sports that is enjoyed by the fans from all across the world. It is more popular in the countries like England, India, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, but is also gaining more audiences from many other countries as well.

Now with that kind of popularity, cricket betting has also become as popular as other sports like soccer. There are some many websites which allow you to place your bets before the match, and also while you are watching the live games.

In the past, cricket was mostly played as 5 days test matches, and one day internationals of 50 overs [1 over = 6 balls]. With the introduction of smaller format like the T20 games, more and more audiences from across the world has started showing greater interest in the game.

There are many sports agency websites and mobile phone apps which provide betting odds on all 3 formats of the sport. In this post, we shall provide you with some of the most of the best cricket odds to help you understand the betting odds and some other aspects of betting.

The betting odds in cricket work similarly as any of the other popular sports, where you will need to bet on the fraction or decimals of the winning amount. It works like a leverage for the betters, where they can expect to earn more by spending a fraction of the winning amount.

For example, you will have to spend $1.00 for earning the returns of $1.50 on the 1.0/1.5 odds. The winning amount is inclusive of the stake that you place. The odds are normally shown as the ratio or fraction, where the left hand side will be the stake amount, and the right hand side will be the winning amount.

If the odds are shown as 1/2 or 1:2, then it means that you can earn $2:00 by a betting $1.00. You can expect best cricket odds when you bet on the weaker or underdog team, but it is also risky at the same time. You can choose the option of decimal or fraction on the websites with you place your bets.

Some of the major factors that affect their cricketing odds are:

Home advantage – When a country is playing in their home ground, then they stand a better chance of winning, because the host country will be unfamiliar with the playing conditions. Also, the major crowd support will be with the home team, and they will always try to unsettle the visitors.

Player performances – Although some great batsmen and bowlers can perform on any given cricketing tracks, most of them are the masters of their home turf. They might not perform that great overseas, which is why the betting odds will be better on them. The betting websites allow you to place bets on individual players as well.

The type of pitch – The type of which will make a major difference to the outcome of the games. Teams with fast bowlers like Australia will perform better on bouncy pitches, while countries like India are masters of turning or spinning pitches. The pitches of England favour the ball-swing in the air, which is why many batsmen from Asian countries find difficult to cope up with such conditions.

Although the best credit cards are mostly inclined towards betting on weaker team, upsets are always possible in the game of cricket. However, it will be in your best interests to do complete research on the players and the playing conditions before placing your bets.


India Vs England Series:

India is one of the most cricket crazy countries, where betting is done on a large scale. After the introduction of IPL, more and more sporting enthusiasts have started taking active interest in cricket betting.

Currently, India is touring England, and have already won the T20 series. Now the ODIs of 50 overs is going to start, which will be followed by gruelling test series. India has not managed to win a test series in England for many years now, but the current Indian team is showing good promise.

On the other hand, English bowlers will come all the guns blazing on the swinging tracks. It seems like the English bookmakers don’t believe in Indian chances to win, because they have always struggled to come to terms with the swinging pitches. That explains why most of the best cricket odds are favouring the home team.

Make sure that you place your bets after doing proper analysis of the different influencing factors that are mentioned above.

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