IPL 2020 could be start in September

IPL 2020 possibility

Indian Premier League (IPL) is biggest tournament of BCCI and is world’s largest league. COVID19 caused BCCI to postpone IPL 2020 for indefinitely. However, now the possibilities of organizing the IPL are increasing. There is good news for cricket fans that BCCI is considering making the 13th season of IPL available from September 25.

IPL 2020 possibility

According to the report, BCCI is making strategies to organize IPL 2020 between September 25 and November 1. A franchise official has also said that strategy is under discussion and further policies are made. Foreign players are also involved in the strategy. Most franchisees want to play IPL 2020 along with foreign players. The combination of foreign and Indian players are very important in IPL for best entertainment.

CSK team opinion on IPL 2020

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is the most favorite team of IPL. CSK has many records on its name and it has won IPL trophy 3 times. CSK always gives its onion on various matters and Its opinion is very important for IPL officials.

Chennai Super Kings had openly given its opinion on this. A Chennai franchise official had said that if foreign players do not participate the league, then the IPL 2020 will remain as the second Vijay Hazare Trophy. However, If the corona virus cases do not stop, then there will be no option but to cancel the league. Obviously lives of people are important than any league or tournament in the world. 

What about T-20 World Cup?

T-20 world cup is like mini IPL. Every team wants to win T-20 world cup as well. Now, it is also a big question that what will happen to T-20 world cup? It is an important point that if IPL 2020 took place in September then there will be no T-20 World Cup this year. BCCI is organizing T-20 World Cup in India next year.

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