Top 10 cricket memes

Pakistan's batting

Top 10 cricket memes are here :

1.  Sir Ravindra Jadeja the best friend

Sir Ravindra Jadeja The best friend

Ravindra Jadeja’s performance is not always good specially his batting. But he still find a place in playing 11. Cricket lovers think it is his friendship with the Indian captain which give him a place in the team always. That is why this meme is made.


2. Want 30 runs in an over call Ishant Bhai 

Want 30 runs in an over call Ishant Bhai 

Ishant Sharma is a good fast bowler but he is inconsistent bowler. He is unable to perform well regularly. James Faulkner scored 30 runs in Ishant’s over in India vs Australia series in 2013. That is why this meme is made which shows Ishant can give 30 runs in an over.


3. Pak team returning home

Pak team returning home

Cricket lovers treat Pakistan team as a poor team on cricket ground because of the performance of Pakistani players. There were many occasions where Pakistan team lose its matches even when they were in a winning position. That is why this meme was made which shows Pakistan Team happy to back to home.


4. Misbah’s reaction for Kohli & Dhoni

This meme has two faces. First face shows that Misbah is happy by the dismissal of Virat Kohli because Virat Kohli is the batsman who has a very good record against Pakistan Team. On the other hand second face shows that Misbah is upset because M S Dhoni will not come to bat after the dismissal of Virat Kohli. We all know that Dhoni is the best finisher.


5. What is a cricket Ball ?

What is a cricket Ball ?

This is a funny meme which shows that Clark telling about the cricket ball.


6. Pakistan’s batting

Pakistan's batting

Pakistan team is not known for its batting because its batsmen do not play a big innings on many occasions. Sometime Pakistan team all out in no time. That is why this meme is made.


7. When Pakistan lose easily

When Pakistan lose easily 

Sometime Pakistan tram lose a match very easily. Fans do not believe that their team is out of the tournament easily. On that occasion this meme is perfect.


8. Shane Watson’s dinner

watson's dinner

There was a period when Shane Watson was not in a very good form. He was not able to score some runs. He got out on duck on many occasion. So that this meme is made.


9. ABD Run out moment

ABD run out moment

We all know about the batting of AB De Villiers. He is the one of the best players in world cricket. He has a very good record against India. But there are some occasion where AB got run out cheaply against India and his team had to suffer. Recently he got run out against India in ICC Champions Trophy while he was batting good. This meme is made for that occasion.


10. Bahubali during match

Bahubali during match

India-Pakistan match is treated as the most entertaining match in the history of cricket. No one want to miss the match of India-Pakistan. Cricket fans leave their other works just because they do not want to miss the India-Pakistan match. This meme shows the love of fans for India- Pakistan match.









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